ProLine Hockey Picks


  • I purchased the Baseball Betting software but I did not receive a password to download the product.

Don’t worry, once we receive confirmation that your payment has been successfully received, we will send you an email notifying you of the password. This process is usually quite quick but may take up to a couple of hours for some cases.

  • Will the software install on all operating systems such as a Mac?

Sorry Mac users, you’re out of luck. You must use a Windows operating system in order to install our software.

  • Where can I find the information that is required to fill in the fields?

The data required for the software is readily available on the internet as well as in your local newspaper. A few really good resources are, Covers, and

  • How important is it to know who the starting Pitcher is?

Yes… We get this question. It’s very important to know who the starting Pitcher is. If you don’t know who the starting Pitcher is, then don’t bet on that game.

  • Does the software make selections for each and every game?

No, the software uses a complex algorithm which must exceed a certain predetermined criteria, before making a selection on either the side or the total.

  • What is the winning percentage of the Baseball Betting Software?

The winning percentage is really up to the user. Our software is to be used as a baseball betting tool, which aids the user in determining the outcome of baseball games. The user must use discretion for intangibles such as key player injuries, trades, coaching changes etc.

  • Do you offer betting software for other sports?

Yes we do! Please visit Proline Hockey Picks for our Hockey Betting Software.